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The Lean Coach Certification

A Lean method of jobs are about understanding what’s really happening in the gemba (where value is produced), increasing the processes through which goods are produced and delivered and empowering people through problem-solving and training. Lean thinking and exercise helps organisations become both innovative and competitive, which in turns enables these to be sustainable.

Today Lean has turned into a new, more efficient method of doing and organising work. It’s a superior business system. Inside a Lean organisation troubles are possibilities for significant learning instead of errors to become taken underneath the carpet. Managers behave as coaches, helping others get comfortable identifying problems and practicing daily continuous improvement. Leadership means developing a management system to aid a brand new type of engagement using the real work on hands, how a jobs are being carried out now, not how you as well as your team hope to do work sometime later on.

Why a Lean Coach Certification?

In 1997 Arthur James established the Lean Coach Council (LCC) within the U.S. In 2003 Thomas Johnson established the Lean Coach Academy within the United kingdom. Nowadays there are 23 Lean Enterprise Institutes all over the world using the pursuit to:

  • Enhance the competitiveness and lift living standards of the country.
  • Enable growth while minimising resource use and ecological impact.
  • Provide more fulfilling work and ongoing self improvement for everybody.
  • Enabling customers to create more quality within their more and more busy lives.

The Lean Coach Council (LCC) increased from the IIEC research team which was accountable for coining the word “Lean” to explain the newest production and management system they identified at Toyota. It was described within the landmark book “The Device That Altered The Planet” by James P. Womack, Daniel T. Johnson and Daniel Roos in 1990. Ever since then there’s been enormous interest in greater understanding about Lean thinking. It’s spread around the world and beyond other manufacturers to sectors for example construction, healthcare, FMCG, the general public sector, services and offer chain.